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Desert Palms Hotel And Suites
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Chicken Pesto Pizza
A packaged pesto mix trastefully replaces traditional tomato sauce in this tempting pizza. Served alongside a tossed green salad, this is a favorite meal!
12 Months of Storage Projects
A complete overhaul of your home's storage system may sound overwhelming, but focusing on improving the storage in just one room each month can get you the storage you want in a quick but manageable time frame. We've provided you with quick and easy mini projects to do throughout the month, each month. Combine the projects into one weekend or do one project each week of the month.
Ice Cream Taste Test
There is nothing better than indulging in ice cream on a hot, summer day! And although there are fancy flavors to fill your freezer, the two top sellers are still chocolate and vanilla.
Filing Coupon Booklets at a Glance
Here's a new Quick Glance at filing your coupon booklets. Also, remember to print your online coupons from the coupon tab in Shopping Smart!

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